Why Selling Logic Costs You Profits! – Bernie Garrett

Why Selling Logic Costs You Profits!

All Successful People Are Goal Setters – Even If They Don’t Realise It!
October 15, 2016
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Why Selling Logic Costs You Profits!

I coach a lot of salespeople, some professional in their approach to work and life, and some are in sales because that was the only job going at the time. Some of them have been promoted into their positions, because they were already employed with the company, so the boss promoted them since they were already familiar to them.

Other people are in sales and they don’t even realise that sales is an every-day part of their existence. They believe you must be called a salesman to actually be one.

Does this sound familiar to you, or someone you know?

Now the fun starts, because when I ask them how they are going to reach their sales or business targets, they generally just focus on the results they ‘should get’, not what they are actually getting.

Very rarely do I get called into to coach an individual who is highly motivated, goal focused and absolute in their determination to succeed.

But what of the salesman who is thrust into the position, or took on a sales role just to get by. How will they reach their targets?

The sad fact of this situation is, that it is the majority of salespeople today who are not sure ‘how’ they will achieve their expected sales targets, because the boss or manager doesn’t really know either. They are told to focus on increasing their results, because the ‘bottom-line’ is unacceptable.

Then I get a phone call. It goes something like this; “Hello Bernie, I need to increase my sales results, but what I am doing at the moment, doesn’t seem to be working.”

Or I get the phone call from the manager who says, “Bernie, I need you to do some work with my sales team. For some reason, they just fail to understand the importance of what we are trying to build here at the company.”

When I sit and ‘peel the onion’ in their sales process, by simply listening to the way they think about sales, then listen to a typical sales dialogue, it’s no wonder their sales aren’t growing. They are trying to sell the logic of the product or service without connecting on emotion first.
People do not buy your product or service first!

They buy into you, before they buy into what you are promoting.

Now this upsets a lot of people, because they believe their products are brilliant, and who wouldn’t want to buy this from them?

I’m not saying anything about the product they sell. I’m saying that before you sell the features of the product, find out more about the client and ‘why’ they need such an item in the first place. There is a great adage that Zig Ziglar always said; “people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” This is the number one rule in sales. Care more about the person than you do about the process.

Whenever I am running a sales training program, the group discussions always generate lively banter around the sales/client conversations. Nobody wants to admit that they sell on logic first, but invariably, this is most common.

For example – Robert is meeting with a new client today, as they are interested in his new photocopy machines. Robert meets the manager of the firm and greets him accordingly. They sit down and the managers says straight away to Robert, “tell me about the photocopy machine that will suit our business.” Naturally, Robert explains about the logical features of the machine.

What Robert doesn’t know is, the manager has had three other photo copy salesman into his office this week, and all Robert is doing is exactly the same as the three previous salesman. Selling on features and logic. All the manager does now, is compare price and warranty.

What Robert should have done was ask questions about the manager and his position. This builds an emotional connection between the two. Now I know what you are thinking. What if the manager does not want to talk about himself or his position?

I have never known anybody, if asked the right question, the right way, will not want to tell another person of their success. It builds relationships which are the core to every business transaction.

If Robert learns how to build an emotional connection with his clients, his sales will soar through the roof, and he will become a trusted partner for his customers and clients alike.

If you’d like to know more about my unique approach to sales coaching, please get in touch.

Bernie Garrett is passionate about many things, but his main focus narrows in on leadership and how the skills of leadership can be applied across your entire life.

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