All Successful People Are Goal Setters – Even If They Don’t Realise It! – Bernie Garrett

All Successful People Are Goal Setters – Even If They Don’t Realise It!

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All Successful People Are Goal Setters – Even If They Don’t Realise It!

“I don’t set goals,” he said. “They are just a waste of time. Every time I set a goal I don’t reach it, so I just don’t bother anymore.”

“How on earth have you ever achieved anything in your life?” I asked him.

“I just focus on what I want and go after it,” he said.

I didn’t mean to laugh at him, but I couldn’t help it.

Have you ever known a top athlete, a successful businessperson or a high achiever who became successful without setting goals? It’s not very common, and I am yet to meet the person who can achieve the great things in life with goal setting.

The majority of people will set a goal to achieve a desired outcome, but then give up on the goal because it becomes too hard or difficult in achieving the result.


Because people do not hold themselves accountable for the outcome.

We tend to judge other people on their actions and we judge ourselves on our intentions. So if we set a goal and don’t achieve it, we give ourselves a pat on the back for the intention of trying to achieve.

I work with, and coach, a lot of sales executives and businessowners, who need to set goals to reach a specific result or target they want to achieve – in either their business life or their personal life. But for some reason, they tend to justify or make excuses why they have not reached the goal or why it is too difficult to continue down that road.

Goal setting is based on specific outcomes for the individual based on the desire they want to achieve.

So, for a person to continue to strive and reach the target, it must be connected to an emotional connection in their life, otherwise the goal falls short of the expected results.

When I used to live in China one of my responsibilities was building up the sales team and helping them reach the targets we wanted to achieve as a global organisation. Many of the young sales team had never set goals before, and weren’t sure how this new process was ever going to work.

We spent many days educating and coaching them on the vision we wanted the company to grow in, while helping them understand how to set tangible targets that they believed they could personally achieve.

It’s amazing what happens with a person when they buy-in to the vision of a person, because they now buy-in to the vision of the company.

The next step was to help them understand how to measure their individual and team performance, which in-turn let them see where they needed to improve.

Goal setting is not difficult in any way, but we tend to forget that to achieve a specific outcome, you must focus on the activity each day to reach the milestones along the way.

If you’d like some help identifying and focusing on your goals, I’d urge you to contact me to learn more about how I can help you.

Bernie Garrett is passionate about many things, but his main focus narrows in on leadership and how the skills of leadership can be applied across your entire life.

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